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What is Thankz?

Thankz is all about positive reinforcement

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Thankz is the intelligent way to inspire excellent service from your frontline people by inviting your customers to offer feedback each time they experience a positive interaction with them.

And the best part – your organization can monitor your star performers without direct interference, allowing you to implement suitable reward, recognition and incentivization schemes that can integrate and activate existing brand, service and HR standards.

Thankz brings together bluetooth connectivity and LED technology in a way not seen before, to bring the best out of your people AND to give your customers a voice. The data captured is invaluable, enriching your employee engagement, brand performance, training and individual development strategies.

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For your Customers

Give your customers a voice by allowing them to recognize and reward great service in a symbolic and easy way.

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Ignite high value conversations – monitor, engage and inspire your people like never before.

How it works

A unique application of physical and digital technology

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When an individual is thanked by a customer, this high-value interaction can then be monitored by managers and leaders, and in real time, who are then empowered to respond appropriately – Reward, recognition, praise or a specific brand-led incentivisation. This technology bridges teams internally who are collectively charged with delivering customer service - Marketing, Sales, HR, Training and of course, Leadership.

Why use Thankz?

Reality: Experience is brand

Customers want to reward great service but often lack the tools to do so in a fast, convenient and meaningful way.

Front-line customer service, in many sectors and industries, is failing to meet the high expectations set by advertising, promotions, marketing communications, digital experiences, events, loyalty schemes and PR.

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And on an Individual Team, Department or Divisional Basis

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On a Local, National, and even International Scale

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Allowing you to understand your levels of People Engagement and Target Training

Superior customer service involves uniting, aligning and focusing internal teams including Marketing, Sales, HR, Training and Leadership on the needs, expectations and attitudes of your customers. Thankz does this by giving your customers a meaningful and genuine voice.

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  • Competitive advantage
  • To reward & recognize in an immediate, intimate & fun way
  • Customer satisfaction & co-creation
  • Unlock the proven and powerful psychological principles of:

    • Peer recognition as a behavior motivator
    • Genuine praise to increase job satisfaction
    • Team performance inspired by friendly competition
    • Tracking & measuring without managing

  • Transform feedback from transaction to emotion
  • Give your customers a meaningful voice

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  • Highly motivational – increased productivity, aware of their value
  • Track employee engagement without intimidation or interference
  • Capturing insightful intelligence on KPI’s

    • Individual growth
    • Department successes
    • Division performance

  • Can help tailor location-based training
  • Facilitate authentic peer group respect – straight from customers
  • Link brand, training, HR, service & reward strategies
  • A positive approach to engagement

The Team

A small team, working hard to bring you the next big thing in the digital world of service rewarding & recognition.

Leo Gestetner
Leo Gestetner

Co-Founder & CEO

Heads up Thankz and strategic planning. A Worcester Polytechnic Institute alum, Leo has set up and managed companies for the past 29 years. Loves family life, running and travel.

Paul Wylde
Paul Wylde

Co-Founder & COO

Paul is the Founder & CEO of paulwylde - an award winning brand, innovation, design and communications consultancy, with studios in Seattle WA and Carmel, CA.

Nick Brandt
Nick Brandt

Co-Founder & CTO

Heads up Thankz tech development and website. Nick has worked for several prolific projects and won numerous awards for his work. He loves art, cooking and nature.

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